Travel information for Saturday 9th June 2018

We will be running a courtesy bus service picking up from Wallyford (services from Edinburgh and North Berwick) and Newcraighall (services from the Borders) train stations to Musselburgh Racecourse and returning afterwards at the following stations

Saturday 9th June

Bus pick up from stations
Train Depart Tweedbank11:0212:0113:01
Train Depart Galashiels11:0612:0513:05
Arrive Newcraighall11:4512:4513:44
Bus pick up Newcraighall11:5012:5013:50


Train Depart Edinburgh Waverley 11:4312:1212:4313:1213:4314:12
Arrive Wallyford11:5312:2212:5313:2213:5314:23
Train Depart North Berwick11:2111:5012:2212:5013:2013:50
Arrive Wallyford11:4212:1112:4313:1113:4114:12
Bus pick up from Wallyford12:0012:3013:0013:3014:0014:30


Depart Musselburgh Racecourse17:4518:2518:4519:15
Arrive Wallyford17:5518:3518:5519:25
Train Depart to Edinburgh Waverley 18:1218:4219:1219:42
Train Depart to North Berwick18:2318:53 19:53


Depart Musselburgh Racecourse 17:4018:4019:40
Arrive Newcraighall17:5518:5519:55
Train Depart To Tweedbank18:0819:0820:05
Arrive Galashiels18:4919:4820:48
Arrive Tweedbank18:5319:5220:52