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Musselburgh Racecourse is Officially Accessible To All

Tuesday 19th September 2017


Musselburgh Racecourse is now at the forefront of accessible sporting venues following the launch of Scottish Racing’s new Access Statements, which promotes the highest possible standards of customer experience for everyone, regardless of age or ability.          

The Access Statements were developed in conjunction with VisitScotland’s Accessible Tourism Scotland initiative, a drive to help venues better cater for the requirements of people with access needs, including those with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, elderly visitors and parents with small children.

These access guides allow potential visitors to plan their trip from the comfort of their own home via their PC, tablet or mobile phone and informs visitors with access needs of every aspect of the venue, from car parking and transport, to access to the amenities within each venue.

The Access guide gives detailed information on gradients and widths of pathways, ramp and door access, lifts, information points and customer services and viewing platforms around the course.

Scotland is already one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and it is hoped that this is one further step towards all venues and attractions in Scotland becoming accessible to all. Currently, of the 11 million disabled people in Britain, only 2 million take a holiday, because they find it too difficult to gauge accessibility.

Scottish Racing Manager, Delly Innes, said: “Our Access Statements further demonstrate that racing in Scotland is accessible to everyone and anyone. All five of our Scottish racecourses pride themselves on the high standards of staff training and customer service that is on offer to any racegoer, notwithstanding their ability.”

Musselburgh Racecourse senior operations and commercial manager, Sarah Montgomery, added: “The Access Statement is an excellent way of promoting our racecourses as open to all and it underlines our commitment to making a day spent racing at Musselburgh as enjoyable as possible for people of all ages and abilities.”

The Musselburgh Racecourse Access Guide can be viewed and downloaded by visiting