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Al fresco dining at Musselburgh Racecourse

Elevate your tastebuds at every raceday, at our new gastro deli destination Pinkies

Saturday 27th May 2023

When it comes to alfresco dining at the races, you can always make it a feast to remember. From freshly made artisan sausage rolls, inspiring plant-based dishes, delectable show stopping sandwiches bursting with goodness, vibrant seasonal salads and elevated quiches to the ultimate in indulgent sweet treats and bespoke hand-made pastries, eating at Musselburgh Racecourse has never been more delicious thanks to Pinkies, our new gourmet deli.

Run by the award-winning team from Heritage Portfolio, Edinburgh’s iconic foodie experts behind some of the Capital’s best cafés, renowned casual dining destinations and acclaimed afternoon tea offerings (Signet Library, we mean you!), Pinkies is a culinary destination for our racegoers looking for a quick refuel between races – without compromising on quality.

Located in Pinkies Bar within Musselburgh Racecourse, every single item on the diverse Pinkies menu is made from scratch by the dedicated kitchen team from Heritage Portfolio that morning, using the freshest of local ingredients from Scotland’s larder. No matter whether it’s a quick sweet treat or something more substantial that’s desired, emphasis is firmly on goodness, seasonality and flavour, always. The result is a feast for the eyes.

“Long gone are the days where a day at the races was synonymous with a quick forgettable snack unless you’d treated yourself to hospitality, explains Izzie Arber, Retail and Culinary Operations Manager at Heritage Portfolio. “As one of the UK’s leading racecourses, gourmet food comes as standard at Musselburgh Racecourse and Pinkies is the latest addition to the ever growing culinary offering available for racegoers.

“Taking inspiration from our other acclaimed cafes and restaurants, we’ve worked with Musselburgh Racecourse to create al fresco dining destination Pinkies. This to-go deli features our best-selling offerings with local provenance and seasonality at the heart of every option available to buy.”   

Looking for some food inspiration during your next Raceday? Why not revamp your salad repertoire with one of Pinkies’ vibrant and seasonal bowls of goodness. Or enjoy a statement sandwich with one of the insta-worthy offerings available. Moreish pastries, savoury or sweet, are also sure to hit the spot. There’s also a range of plant-based dishes available to tempt or tease. Freshly made coffee and teas are also available as well as fresh juices and soft drinks.

Whatever you opt for, rest-assured, at Pinkies it’s only flavours at their best. Now all you need to do is decide on which horse to bet on! 


If you can’t wait until our next Raceday to enjoy some Pinkies culinary delights, read on and learn how to recreate one of their sausage rolls and learn from the Heritage Portfolio experts how to make a show stopping salad or sandwich to wow your guests.


Working from home? Having friends round for lunch? Well, why not recreate one of Pinkies’ best-selling pork, haggis and mustard artisan sausage rolls for the ultimate refuel that will impress.  

Ingredients (makes 4)

300g good quality pork sausage meat

300g haggis, cut into small chunks

1 tablespoon flat leaf parsley, finely chopped

1 heaped tablespoon wholegrain mustard

500g puff pastry sheet

1 egg, beaten

Oats, for garnishing

Start by placing the sausage meat, haggis, parsley and mustard in a mixing bowl or food processor along with a pinch of seasoning. Mix or blend until the mixture is well combined. Weigh the mixture into two balls roughly 300g each, then roll into sausage shapes to the width of the puff pastry.

Place each roll onto the pastry, leaving enough room between them to roll the sausage meat up. Cut the pastry down the middle between the sausages. Brush a line of egg wash down the side of each row and roll so that you have two large sausage rolls. Cut the two sausage rolls in half so you have four of the same size. Brush with more egg wash all over, then sprinkle with the oats. Place on a baking tray and cook at 180°c for 20-25 minutes.


Let’s face it, not all sandwiches are created equal and there’s a lot more to it than simple bread and filling. Colourful insta-worthy salads are clearly having their moment too right now, but need serious TLC to ensure it’s not style over substance. And so, if you’re looking to recreate a showstopper sandwich or salad that will impress those tastebuds – and guests – then Izzie Arbour, Retail and Culinary Operations Manager at Heritage Portfolio, has unveiled her top tips to transform the humble dishes.

It’s all about the ingredients. Use seasonal where possible as the taste is transformational and often costs less. Always buy the best quality ingredients your budget will allow, too. You’ll be satisfied quicker and will need less ingredients.

Size matters. When it comes to cutting up your vegetables for a salad or sandwich, think about the size. Always cut up salad and sandwich ingredients to ensure you get a mouthful of everything when you eat. It should all effortlessly mix together for a taste explosion with every mouthful.
Play with textures. Try and use different textures. For example, roasted vegetables work well with toasted seeds whilst soft ingredients such as avocado pop with crunchier ingredients like cucumber and lettuce. By playing with textures, it creates appeal in the mouth and allows each individual flavour to come through. There is nothing worse than a super dry salad or wet mushy sandwich, so always ensure balance.

Dress to impress. Dressings are so important in a salad as it brings the ingredients alive. When making a dressing of your choice, make sure to over season it a little as the flavour becomes diluted when mixed with everything else. And put your dressing on just before you serve to avoid ingredients such as lettuce becoming limp. Stuck on a dressing to use? A classic vinaigrette or lemon dressing is always a crowd pleaser.

Bread choices. When making a sandwich try and use bread that will suit the filling. Bold flavours and textures like pastrami, Emmental and gherkin hold up well with sourdough or chunky breads. Lighter flavours and textures, such as mozzarella tomato and pesto are better with softer breads like focaccia or ciabatta.

Need more inspiration? Then make sure you stop by Pinkies during our next Raceday. We offer everything from delicious sandwiches and rolls, artisan pies and sausage rolls, gourmet salads to freshly made pastries, cakes and traybakes.