Racecourse Courtesy Bus

Bus Timetable

Travel information for Monday 11th October

On Raceday's our courtesy bus services run from Wallyford and Newcraighall Stations.

  • Wallyford (services from Edinburgh and North Berwick) 
  • Newcraighall (services from the Borders)

Monday 11th of October:

Gates Open: 12 noon  First race: 1.50pm  Last Race: 5.20pm 

Below is the Courtesy Bus timetable for Monday 11th of October: 

To Musselburgh Racecourse       Depart Racecourse 17.30 18.30  
Depart Edinburgh 11.41 12.43 13.41 Depart Wallyford 17.50 18.50  
Arrive Wallyford 11.53 13.52 13.52 Arrive Edinburgh 18.02 19.01  
Depart North Berwick 11.28 12.28 13.28 Depart Wallyford 18.03 18.58  
Arrive Wallyford 11.48 12.49 13.48 Arrive North Berwick 18.24 19.21  
Collection from Wallyford 11.55 12.55 13.55        
Depart Tweedbank 11.29 12.29 13.28 Depart Newcraighall 18.07 19.04  
Arrive Newcraighall 12.13 13.13 14.13 Arrive Tweedbank 18.52 19.52  
Collection from Newcraighall 12.25 13.25 14.25        







Additional Options

Additional Options

Our packages include boardroom or cabaret tables, chairs, linen for buffet stations, cutlery, crockery and glassware.  However, we know that you’ll want to make your event as distinctive as possible; so why not create your own combination of tableware and linen to enhance your event further.

Alternatively, perhaps add in a post conference drink or snack.  We have detailed below a few options with starting prices for you and we can discuss the options further over the phone or when we meet.  The opportunities are endless; once we’ve had a chat we can create the perfect combination for your event that fits in not only with your budget but your own style and creativity.