Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

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To help facilitate the smooth running of racedays at Musselburgh Racecourse it is necessary to place restrictions on traffic and parking at key times. These are detailed below and approved with a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO). The TTRO details the restrictions for on street parking (designated by yellow cones) to allow the access of emergency vehicles to the area in the event of a major incident occurring during a race meeting.

Please be aware that once cones are in place any cars parked in the TTRO zone may be subject to parking penalties. However, the restrictions do not apply to Blue Badge Scheme members, coaches, television broadcast and news media vehicles associated with the event and parked under Police direction.

Musselburgh Racecourse appreciates that race meetings may cause some inconvenience to you, especially on Sensational 6 raceday's which potentially attract 5,000+ racegoers. There are special arrangements for the New Year’s Day, Easter Saturday, Ladies Day, Friday Night at the Races and Edinburgh Cup racemeeting's.  We welcome feedback on traffic and parking problems and are committed to doing what we can to limit inconvenience to local residents.

We no longer have use of the Electric Bridge.

On certain Feature Fixture race days we will have additional entertainment to compliment the horse racing and this may affect our closing times. However, as with any modern sporting venue, plans do evolve over the season and any changes will be made on our website www.musselburgh-racecourse.co.uk

We provide updates through local and social media and I would encourage you check the website and follow us on other social media channels including Twitter (@MusselburghRace) and Facebook.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order 2021

The TTRO runs from 9.00am to 10.00pm, while the cones are in place.  This covers afternoon and evening racemeetings.

James Street Both sides for the entire length
Millhill Both sides eastward from James Street to Linkfield Road
Millhill Lane Both sides for the entire length
Balcarres Place Both sides for the entire length
Balcarres Road Both sides from Millhill to Goosegreen Crescent
Goosegreen Road South side
Hope Place Both sides for the full extent (both legs) Hope Place
The Paddock (Part)  Both sides from Balcarres Place to Balcarres Road
Linkfield Road (Part) Both sides from Loretto Corner to Musselburgh Main Street on New Year's Day, Easter Saturday, Ladies Day, Caledonian Cup and Supporting Your Services Family Day